And I just don’t think you need journaling for a backup partition. From my knowledge the regular HFS filesystem has a maximum size of 2. I’m always in need of feedback, so please email me if you have any suggestion on how to improve the application. Ave Maleficum 10 21 Posted March 2,

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The application is called HFSExplorer and can be found here http: Posted September 19, If you are connecting windows xp hfs the Mac over the network, you need to make sure SMB sharing is turned on. HFSExplorer allows you to browse your Mac volumes with a graphical file system browser, extract files copy to hard diskview detailed information about the volume and create disk images from the volume.

Sign in Already have an account? Posted May 20, Ya lol I saw this movie but the best part was when the stupid pirate felt in the water right in the middle of the bay.

As usual with software like this: How to Buy MacDisk? The program is released under the GPL version 3. Sign up or log windows xp hfs Sign up using Google. We also offer a competitive upgrade for users of windoas products.

This holds true also for Excel, PageMaker, Xpress and many windows xp hfs. Thanks for this thread guys.

HFS on Windows XP

Windows xp hfs would I do it? MacDisk is a low-level disk utility and not a conversion program. Ok so your connecting over the network correct? To get a better understanding of MacDisk features, you can download the Help File.

HFS ~ HTTP File Server

Sign In Sign Up. In Windows Vista, this is done with the User Account Control windows xp hfs, and in Windows XP a similar but not as fancy dialog is shown to make it possible authenticate as an administrator.

It’s sort of like MacDrive but for Macs.

The user will be presented with a dialog where it can choose which partition to windows xp hfs. Posted February 20, The installer will place two shortcuts to HFSExplorer in its start menu folder.

I tried to download GParted by it self but what I got just looked windows xp hfs something completely different and I wasn’t able to use it.

Catacombae – HFSExplorer

And I just windows xp hfs think you need journaling for a backup partition. MacDisk, when launched from a Windows partition created by the boot manager Bootcamp on a Macintosh with Intel processor, windows xp hfs access wimdows Macintosh partition to copy files back and forth. Share this post Link to winndows Share on other sites. Any responses would be greatly appreciated. However, I recently learned that one of those cards is still available: Extract the zip file to a directory of your choice.

Hard disks are enumerated from 0 upwards.

Told me that the max volume size was 2gb for HFS and it wouldn’t format it. The bit version is much faster than former ones.

One example is when you want to load a.